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Wisconsin, Est. 2014

Established in 2014, Subject Matter Games LLC develops unique gameplay experiences. Our focused vision drives the art and design of each game we develop. We are inspired by games in the style of those that we grew up with. Subject Matter is located in Wisconsin.

“If we take that up, about ‘why doesn’t he paint a rose?’ A rose also is very mortal. When you see a rose, this beautiful rose, that in a day or two is dying, it’s head is falling over, and it’s withered. So is there a great deal of difference between a rose and my subject matter, really? It’s only a difference of subject matter.” – Francis Bacon



Matt Christian (Creative Director / Developer)

Matt Christian is an accomplished developer with over 10 years of programming experience. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science with a concentration on Software Development (University of Wisconsin – Stout) as well as an Associates Degree in computer programming (Northcentral Technical College). In his spare time he enjoys reading, running, and of course, playing video games.

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