Super Wall Crash

Run forever in Super Wall Crash, our fully procedurally generated, randomly infinite runner. Nab coins, dodge pesky enemies, and slide by the obstacles in your way to reach the highest score possible and unlock super secret characters! Available 2016 for most iOS and Android devices.

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Project Torment

Project Torment is a third-person horror game following a man named David as he searches for his wife and son after a brutal accident.

Project Torment has been temporarily shelved.

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Don't Be Dinner

Don't Be Dinner is an interactive piece of fiction where you are a medieval knight approaching a monstrous troll in a dark forest. Whether you are blue, yellow, or green, quest to save the princess, steal the troll's gold, or simply determine the meaning of life, two choices decide your fate. With 45 different endings and dozens of ways to die, two choices were never more important. Your quest is simple: Don't Be Dinner.

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